Dental Emergency

Are you having a dental emergency or experiencing dental pain and you just keep putting it off because you don’t have dental insurance or a dental plan or program to help you with the cost?  A dental emergency can be very costly but with AmeriPlan dental®, you don’t have to stay in dental pain.  Our discount dental plan can give you discounts on your dental work and because it is not dental insurance, and nothing to underwrite, no hoops to jump through, you can be approved very quickly and be on your way to being pain free both physically and financially.

We would be happy to provide you with the information you need to help free you of your dental pain or help you out of a dental emergency.  For more information call us directly at 800 444-8601 and you can speak with a live person… There are no prompts to follow, this is a direct number.  Or you can complete the form to your left to contact us.  If you are ready now, you can go directly to ORDER HERE to get signed up as quick as possible. It normally only takes one business day.