Dental Braces

Does your child need dental/orthodontic braces?  Many children will need braces as they reach their pre-teen age.  Some adults need dental braces too, as they may have never had them or they did, and they need another round as their teeth shifted back.  Braces are an excellent way to help your children when they are young by investing in their future smile and their self esteem.  We are  sure you know that dental braces and orthodontic work can be costly.  You now have the opportunity to receive a discount off your child (or your!) dental brace work with a program that will help you save a lot of money at the Orthodontist’s office.

We would be happy to provide you with the information you need to save on your dental braces/orthodontics.  For more information call us directly at 800 444-4601 and speak to a live person… There are no prompts to follow, this is a direct number.  Or you can complete the form to your right to contact us that way. If you are ready to get started with those pretty, straight pearly whites, you can go directly to ORDER HERE to get signed up as quick as possible. It normally only takes one business day.