AmeriPlan Dental®

This popular discount dental plus program includes savings on the follow health care for your family or just yourself:
  • Dental Discounts: Save up to 80% on dental cleanings, x-rays, and preventative, maintenance dental work.
  • Vision Discounts: Save up to 60% on vision care needs. Save from 20 to 60% off on contact lenses and glasses. Save up to 30% on eye exams and surgeries.
  • Prescription Discounts: Save 10% - 85% on most brand name and generic prescription drugs. You can save additional money using mail order for maintenance medications.
  • Chiropractic Savings: Free initial consultation, 50% off diagnostic services and x-rays, and 30% off all other treatments.
  • Important Features

    • AmeriPlan® memberships include everyone living in the primary member’s household.
    • There is no waiting period! Instant savings! No paperwork!
    • The AmeriPlan dental® program is not insurance. It is a discounted program, therefore; all applicants are accepted.
    • There is no underwriting process.
    • All ongoing dental problems are accepted, except for orthodontic treatment already in progress.
    • You may change your providers at any time as long as you use an AmeriPlan® provider. Don't worry, there are over 100,000 providers nationwide. You'll see familiar providers like CVS, Walmart, Target and Walgreens

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